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5 thoughts on “This irritates my soul.

  1. Happened to me in the usd/chf 2 nights ago…. lost half my profits as it jumped down about 50 pups to my stop loss….. I feel your pain ?

  2. See how price gapped down? That probably means the spread widened there, meaning the bid price jumped down, while the ask price most likely stayed around the close of the previous candle… Meaning you weren’t actually close to hitting your TP.

  3. why would tht be your tp in the first place? u should have it in a realistic place somewhere price has already hit multiple times

  4. What were you expecting? Y’all learn how to trade from the same people, the same websites, etc. And then you’re surprised when prices are predictable and the bigger players use this against you?

    Bruh. That’s the entire point of this game. To figure out what others do and exploit their actions for a profit… or did you seriously think the bigger firms aren’t also running the websites like babypips? That website can’t make money ditectly; there’s not enough ads, subscriptions, etc. But they can make indirect money by teaching everyone how to trade a certain way as then they know what you’ll be doing.

    Modify your strategy a bit so it doesn’t match everyone else.

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