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8 thoughts on “The wick surpassed my tp yet my order didnt close. 😑😑 Explanations??

  1. 13BlackMirrors says:

    Probably the spread lol. From my experience with this pair, the spreads can get quite large

  2. TheTrueVisionary says:

    Spread. On massive outlier candlesticks like that the spread can become huge.

  3. marker853 says:


  4. Unlucky-Ostrich1507 says:

    words of advice , bro , always have an alert when price reaches TP so that you can manually close your positions. NEVER TRUST THE BROKER 😭

  5. FaceAltruistic1862 says:

    Spread it happans lol

  6. kongism2 says:

    Sometimes I wonder why people still so obsessed with this unfair game, you definitely get run by the market one way or the other

  7. TraderSemEgter says:

    Dead gap, post NY and pre – asia. Liquidity is so low that spreads widen to 30/40 pips, so i would recommend removing stops before deadgap and adding them after an hour. Or try to take profit at the end of the day and find a new entry in london😎

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