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5 thoughts on “Stopped out by spread

  1. thiccnigword says:

    unfortunately you got liq’d

  2. cypherahh says:

    Only thing you can do to help is add the spread to your SL and hope for the best, this does suck though.

  3. noid79 says:

    Happens on all brokers, but oanda is one of the worse. So many trades that have been stopped out from spread, but won’t hit my take profit or entry.

  4. aidsgoblin says:

    Oanda is the absolute worst broker in the world when it comes to spread.

  5. xizlaar says:

    I don’t even know why I have money with OANDA they have done this to me so many times. Stopped out on a short on gbpcad sL was at 1.7387. This is one thing most people don’t tell you about or take into account when testing a strategy.

    I mean it was a shit trade from the start but still.

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