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8 thoughts on “Seems legit

  1. According-Sky157 says:

    When they refer to themselves as “family”

  2. Theeelp1 says:

    People like this don’t deserve to have accessibility to technology

  3. 3nohax says:

    Maybe his brother is a nigerian prince.

  4. Theeelp1 says:

    Fraudulent 😬

  5. jamemadisonn says:

    Got scammed (as a millionaire)

  6. TheTempService says:

    You guys are just mad you’re not millionaires

  7. Trendy55 says:

    Dodgy as ………

  8. EvilKeable says:

    Yeah sounds dodgy

    Same guy messaged me, turned him down straight away!

    This kind of user shouldn’t be on this forum

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