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5 thoughts on “Pretty Accurate (Game is SuchArt! in case anyone was wondering)

  1. KittenPurrs says:

    Hey. You don’t know me since I’m not an influencer in any market, but in theory I could amass tons of followers any day now. Want to do a commissioned portrait of me in exchange for potential name recognition/exposure to my base of zero to infinite followers? Hmu

    E: That game is too real. It should be used as a stress test for people starting any creative endeavor.

  2. Threye says:

    “Great plan for you.”

  3. xSelbor says:


    The best response

  4. DirtyBirdDawg says:

    But he HAS random words in ALL caps so must be LEGIT, right? After all HE has so many FOLLOWERS

  5. contrasupra says:


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