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4 thoughts on “On an Aliexpress listing for designer blind box toys, in the section where buyers can answer questions about the product.

  1. TheRealPitabred says:

    Hah. Jackass can’t even spell TikTok properly.

  2. maximusprime2328 says:

    I can get more exposure than that with $20 on Facebook ads

  3. avabo says:

    “You must be confused, we don’t have free products”

  4. TheThrillist says:

    I have more TikTok subscribers than that(on both of my accounts actually), and I’m just a nerdy rando that gives out small recovery tips, encouragement, resources, etc… and on the other account still just a nerdy rando but this time it’s just small clips from my YouTube channel where I do music video reactions. It’s literally just a thing I do for fun I’m not a popular person in any definition of the word. Do people with a thousand or a few thousand subscribers actually think they’re famous and deserve to have businesses give things to them?! I know exposure can help a business if it comes from the right person, but I would honestly feel terrible receiving something I didn’t earn even remotely. I would feel like I have a huge unfair advantage on that.

    Example: The most I’ve received was from one shoutout for a restaurant that I was recording just because I love the place and go pretty much once a week to. They’ve always been good to me and given me extra leftovers to take home or free dessert or whatever. They were struggling to get back on their feet when things reopened so I was like I’m already excited about this place maybe one or two of my friends that watch me will try this place out. All the kindness they showed me before was just because the owner is nice though he knows I’m nothing special lol. So, when I recorded a shoutout in there he asked how many followers I had and I told him a little over 1k, and he instantly gave me a discount. When I saw it on the receipt though I just ended up putting the difference from the discount added to my tip, because I literally felt bad for getting the discount when I don’t know how many of my subscribers will actually try it just because I recommended it. The whole concept feels weird to me

    *not to imply that anyone who does take those perks should feel bad or anything it just doesn’t feel right for me personally.*

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