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18 thoughts on “It hit TP but no TP… yeah I love this game<3

  1. Reminds me of when I woke up to a red candle closed way below the tp during the Sunday market open and no tp was triggered because of the high spread at that time. I had to exit the trade close to breakeven with a very small profit but I was emotionally damaged.

  2. Its just spread, that is the Minute timeframe – If you use ctrader instead of metatrader you can change it if you want the ask or bid line to take out the profits, but it also has disadvantages (you can loose more than the SL amount) i Prefer the normal settings

  3. I did that once on a NFP day… called the top, literally to the exact pip, but it didn’t trigger, then it rip-sawed the other way and I was down 100+ pips in a matter of seconds.

  4. Yeah this is where tight spreads matter. That’s why I take profit early if I am watching. Sometimes it means I lose a couple more pips but I would rather that than well…this. Still happens from time to time though. Not completely avoidable.

  5. And that is why I take profits early. Pay yourself at 50% , 75% of your goal and you won’t care about the rest.

    Edit: to clarify, take profits as in partially closing your position.

  6. Are you sure the ask price hit your TP? The bid price (which is what the candles happen to show in most platforms) did, but that’s not relevant.

  7. It makes me happy that there’s weak-ass traders like you out there. Lemme guess, you let it reverse all the way to B/E or you took the L. ?

  8. A breakeven is a win markup another one and keep going. There’s phases all traders go thru. Losing alot. Than losing and breaking even sometimes to breaking even mostly winning and occasionally taking the loss. Most people profit there just to greedy to close a trade because it didn’t hit there TP with all signs of a deeper retest coming that will knock them out of the trade.

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