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10 thoughts on “If this shit doesn’t pop I’m quitting forex 😭

  1. Kizuma93 says:

    Good trade bro, buy the top, sell the bottom!

  2. 1Pip1Der says:

    Nice knowing you. Best if luck in your new venture.

  3. zorbat5 says:

    That’s a risky move.

  4. SquashedBerries4 says:

    Ight I’m pulling out I got a new signal that probably won’t 🍆 me in the 🍑 😅

  5. Manu4375 says:

    Well, you should have seen the bigger timeframes to understand that this was a risky trade

  6. Kristof257 says:

    You might be a bit too emotional haha, don’t trade on intuition.

  7. Edykiro says:

    New meta, buy high sell low

  8. BigbyWolf91 says:

    Buy one more position and then average out. What’s the big deal 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Rhavasher says:

    Look at the daily chart this can go either way, I can only view this as a 50-50 trade

  10. ImNotAnxious says:

    If you quit today you’ll be back by next week

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