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11 thoughts on “9 Tips for Short-Term Forex Trading Strategies In 2020

  1. comparethemfx says:

    Know yourself and the kind of trader that you are.

    Choose the best trading platform for you.

    Get experienced in more than one trading strategy.

    Start with a telescope and finish with a microscope.

    Check correlations.

    Make a trading plan.

    Protect yourself, manage your risk

  2. taniforex says:

    100% Correct no doubt but most important thing in Forex money management.

  3. Dave-1066 says:

    How is this sub suddenly back online after 130 days with no posts being authorised and no activity by the only mod (you)?

    I applied to Reddit to be given moderatorship (as did somebody else) for this sub as it was 100% dead and now suddenly it’s back online after four months- that’s a bit odd. It has potential to be a significant presence, but it needs a lot more attention than it’s received in the past.

  4. askmeofski says:

    Yes it really does. It really need more attention and I think reddit can help us too.

  5. titiwoods says:

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  6. markinsonpark887 says:

    First and foremostly know yourself and the kind of trader that you are,then choose the best trading platform and get experienced in more than one trading strategy. .

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  8. wavy_freedom_fighter says:

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  9. leshjan says:

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  10. Thee_Maverick says:

    risk management is the heart of forex, the skill to manage drawdowns and cover your down side is what our brand focus on.


  11. Ron_Brayden says:

    The most important tip is to understand the fact that you cannot double your money overnight in forex trading. Forex market demands patience. Devote as much time as possible to learn about the forex market.

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