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24 thoughts on “What should I do? Should I hold for reversal (real account)

  1. Nah bro eurusd not looking bull in my setup my dude, jus cut loss and not revenge trade bro. Slowly build back up. Ur acc can’t hold up if u continue holding, u r prob gna blow ur acc if u do so

  2. They been trading side ways…. it’s really bad to be trading euro at this moment in my opinion.
    The day and week chart looks bearish….I too was looking for a reversal this week… I took a $700 loss. My first 2 weeks of live trading. ?

  3. This hurts to see. You should learn equity management before you live trade to avoid scenarios like this. Brutal.

  4. What ea are you using ? I’d probably try and hedge your open positions with some sells but still try to get a good entry. Also eas will definitely blow your account if your in the us you need to find a broker with the lowest spread and pay attention to the news so you can turn it off and avoid this

    Edit: looking your account size I would draw up a fib and wait for it to pull back to .5 maybe .382 and you’ll get like half your money back you need to run this ea on recommended setting I’ve blown countless account not following the rules control the greed fella

  5. Have you been holding this trade since the start of the month? I don’t see this reversing back to 1.188 anytime soon, cut your losses and learn why this happened

  6. I suggest having a sound plan before placing the trade. Writing out what if’s is essential, whether it be in your head or on paper. If you’re asking it’s too late and you shouldn’t be trading to be quite honest.

  7. Also burning 50% of your account on one trade is more than reckless. It’s gambling. I know it’s harsh, but really risk management is paramount. I’m guessing the only thing you’ve got in your head is the profit you would have made….

  8. You have >2 lots open, so you will lose all your money if it goes against you more than 400 points from now. 400 Points is 1.15380.

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