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3 thoughts on “To clarify what I see for the naysayers. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  1. One-Issue-711 says:

    I’m anticipating price to head back down to test the monthly support. 7% off ATH. I will keep longing in this area. I know my risk. If it breaks to the topside, cool, I’ll wait for it to come back down and make an entry. I always have two biases. If it breaks and closes below monthly support, cool, I’ll wait for price to come back up and short it down for a better long position. We will see more ATH this year.

    See those boxes, I’ve already been shorting out of those zones. I know how to trade guys. You don’t have to accept it lol. I don’t make entries on the daily or 4h, use it for bias, slide down to the 1h, 30, or 15 and get sniper entries.

  2. rgs91 says:

    I’ll would do buys above 15000 only. Possibly break and retest. I agree with what you are trying to do.

  3. One-Issue-711 says:

    Remember 95% of you commenters aren’t profitable. I can make $10 a day and be a profitable trader regardless of how minute it may seem. Those $10 will be $1000 in the foreseeable future. Who can’t live off 2-5000 a week? I’m not greedy and I only compete with myself pal

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