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2 thoughts on “GJ: Follow Your Plan; let the trade breathe…

  1. It appears this trade was posted after it occurred.

    Hindsight rating = 10/10

    You can improve this score by posting a screenshot of your thoughts BEFORE the move occurs, then post the follow up after. Not the reverse.

    Before downvoting, please consider that this isnt to say the OP hasnt taken the trade (which in order of likely likelihood goes : didnt take the trade > took it on a demo > took it on a real account) but it is to get you thinking about all the trades that OP does take and lose, and so does not post onto the subreddit.

    The goal of this is to normalise best practice (ie Post and idea before, and update after), instead of having a fair few overhyped users taking a screenshot in hindsight on their only winning trade that week and running to reddit for approval.

  2. Got in at the green line, good trade. Set stop at redline to “preserve profit”, knowing GJ might go to 153, violating the plan. Missed the big green candle.

    Everyone screws up. Flow your plan, keep the monkey mind out of it and relax.

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