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One thought on “GBP/USD Pre-Week Analysis

  1. Weekly Bias: Bullish

    Weekly: Nice fakeout and Pin-Bar Candle close. We filled the imbalance and are now rejectingfrom there.

    Daily Bias: Neutral

    Daily: As previously said, we have broken the lower high, making a new higher high.

    Meaning we potentially continue the overall Bullish Weekly Trend.

    Based on the Daily timeframe I would be still Bearish though until further confirmation

    of the Bulls strengths.

    4Hour Bias: Neutral to slightly Bearish

    4Hour: As already said on the Daily, potential Market structure change

    Currently in a Bearish Channel, might or might not be just a corrective Pullback.

    Waiting for the 4Hr Resistance to break, till I change my Bias to being Bullish.

    Until then I likely wont take buys but only sell positions.


    Edit: Please dont write a book about some news outcome, this is my analysis and my bias and I personally dont care about fundamentals.

    If you have a different view/different annotations, good for you.

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