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3 thoughts on “Damn, even IMDb credits are rare these days 😂

  1. loptopandbingo says:

    “It’s too hard to type. Well, type anything but what’s already been typed.”

  2. zjuka says:

    “you’ll be credited in credits” – no one ever will see this film. Or we might get a very forgetful editor.

    “We can’t offer IMDB credit” – we don’t want to be know as ‘that production that exploits young workers’. Also we don’t really care about your career, all we’re asking for is free labor.

    Should you break a leg while hauling all the gear by yourself please hop to the nearest ER on your own. We’re not buying insurance for this project.

  3. Sir_Tokesalott says:

    “We can’t believe someone was paid to put you in the credits. We’re not going to…”

    Edit: or were they?

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