For all the Daniel savage meat riders

GPBUSD Sell Zones

POV: You criticized a ‘smart money trader’

Is babypips good for beginners?

52% gain in prop using maximum 1% risk

XAUUSD BEARISH (next week)

My first month as a FTMO trader… ;( Wish me luck for the next month!

What do you guys thinks?

Cool Visual

That was an amazing short ? I dont trade much with GBPUSD but this was a unique opportunity

how did your trading week go. good, bad or in between

Basically Index Traders This Week

To clarify what I see for the naysayers. ??‍♂️

How is this Possible?

Passed FTMO free trial in 1 week on the first try. Will attempt the FTMO challenge and keep you updated

How to blow your trading account fast! ?

Nice to wake up in profit!
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