Green all week.

August 2021 Recap Win Rate 34%, Avg Trade +3.15R

Should I put another sell??

Welllllll shit.

Holy smokes! I guess I got lucky on the news, but I shouldve checked for them before I placed my trade.

scalping with macd

Posted my analysis last night, added another entry , and holding Until tp. Check my sub for referred post

Yo guys if you want I can sell you signals so you can open the opposite trades

Posted my analysis earlier. In it like swimwear 🤪 let’s see how it plays out 😏

Ayooo who pumped up the fart gas? 🤪

GBPCHF H1 possible buy signal

Something I’m looking to take. There was a break of structure on the 1H and 4H. Will post results if it hits

what is that Im doing wrong?
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